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Ephraim Goodweather Corey Stoll. Together, they battle a hoard of creepy humanoids with impossible tongues in order to save Manhattan. So we called her up to get a breakdown. Mia Maestro: The Strain is a reinvention of the vampire genre. Guillermo is taking the genre into the twenty-first century. It starts taking a very metaphysical shape. There are novels, comic books, and now a television series. For the TV show, Guillermo and Carlton shaped Nora a bit with my personal story in mind—for example, she was rewritten as Argentinean. The soul of the character is very similar in the novel, the comics, and in the TV show.

But in the TV show Nora is much more active and much more of a warrior. In the novels, she kind of stays at home while the men go out and fight. She becomes ferocious, though—little by little and step by step. Why did he become a vampire? How did he lose the love of his life? Who makes all those sharp poles? But once they are in Paris, Derek is given a very particular kind of cure. The problem is the side effects, which are craftily documented in this found-footage enterprise. But Eve's sister shows up wanting blood, Adam's privacy isn't as private as he thought, and some people don't know how to keep a low profile.

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston star as these intriguing vampire lovers. Rebecca is doing well at an exclusive all-girl private school as she recovers from the suicide of her father, but her world is turned upside down when a new student undermines everything she cares about. That just sounds like ordinary teenage girl trouble, until you consider that the new girl is probably a vampire. Val Kilmer and Bruce Dern team up to solve a mystery or write a book or kill a vampire, something like that, in a movie that involves a dream-guide in the form of Edgar Allen Poe, a mass-murdering pastor and Goth kids who may or may not be bloodsuckers.

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It's gorgeous, crazy stuff, if you can ride with it. In this fourth installment of the brooding vampire series, anti-heroine Bella finally marries her way into the Cullen's cult, but soon thereafter finds herself pregnant - a phenomena everyone thought impossible. Or did they? Motivations become cloudy and frankly bloody in this mind-bending entry of the series. The story is getting better and better, as Bella manipulates her way into more echelons of the supernatural and forces the denizens to do her bidding.

Okay, it's not that dramatic, but it is amping up. This time out, the war between vampire cults gets bloody, and the werewolves team up with the Cullens to stop a deadly army, all for Bella's sake! And of course, the twisted romance continues.

Vegetarian Vampire

Out-of-work theater director Julian finally lands a job directing a strange adaptation of Hamlet. We can't blame him for failing to notice that his entire cast is made up of vampires. After all, theater people tend to be a little over-the-top anyway. This is a smart, lively comedy with a great vampire twist. In this frequently hilarious, often poignant vampire tale, U. Lucky that he has his best friend Joey, who is happy to help Bart procure the blood he needs to survive.

They do this by becoming a vigilante duo, taking out the "trash" in L.

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So what happens when the boss changes the mission statement, hires a productivity expert and a human employee? It's just another day at the bloodsucking office, literally. But instead of dying, Sadie becomes a vampire herself. Looks like it's time for some vengeance! With the help of a like-minded cop, Sadie forges a bloody path toward the vampire leader. Despite its clumsy editing, I like this film quite a bit. Selene and Michael, our vampiress and her sexy werepire, are still on the run from those who would stop their romance to preserve vampire bloodlines.

This time they are up against the Elder Markus who can transform into a demon bat, and the world's first werewolf William. They're also getting some help from Emperor Claudius himself. It's a better movie than it deserves to be. He uses his music to reach out and make contact with an ancient vampire queen, and when she comes to collect, all hell breaks loose.

Good stars really bolster this one, which helps the convoluted plot considerably. Technically it's not a vampire movie, but it's so close, and besides, it's a personal favorite of mine. Bon apetit! Now in modern London he believes he has found her again. But there are sinister forces at work, trying to keep him apart from the woman of his dreams.

Oh, and the woman of his dreams doesn't exactly remember him. A dark, tragic romance, this movie truly brings on the gothic. For the most part this is a fine vampire tale. It has a couple of ponderous problems that threaten to weigh it down, and one of them is the crybaby bitch Louis, the vampire being interviewed about his years of whining. She has a problem when her dinner gets away and begins turning his mobsters into vampires too, so must team up with an undercover cop to track him down.

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Rick Springfield yes! While working on a serial murder case he begins to suspect the killer may have some supernatural motivations of his own. Meanwhile Knight copes with his own desire to escape vampirism and connect with a beautiful archeologist who has information on the case. Better than I ever expected it to be.

deposthunghusor.tk Now she's auditioning new "friends" and doing it with a lot of 80s style - which may or may not be a good thing. Here is a fairly faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel, with the double-edged sword of proper British dignity as it is an episode of one of BBC's classic television shows.

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  6. This means that the performances and script are admirable, the budget is nonexistent and the Brit corniness is off the charts. There's a lot of quality here, but only if you can stand to find it. A small village is attacked by life-sucking forces, turning all the sweet young things into wrinkled old things. This is a surprisingly fun romp, full of humor, ribaldry and vampires, of course!

    Dracula A.

    Luckily, one of his friends is the granddaughter of a Van Helsing. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing reprise their roles but are generally upstaged by the outrageous music, fashion, and the hot young cast.

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    Oh, it's a bad film, but that's not the fault of the performers or even the director, who all seem to be doing the best they can within the limited means. There are plenty of little surprises in the movie in moments when you'd least expect them. Plus Skillet! Now the dust of his blood has made its way to the drug scene and causes all kinds of problems for three swingin' middle aged men.

    Not one to be outshined by mere mortals, Dracula is determined to kill them all! The local countess died unrepentant and now haunts the down drinking up virgins and children.

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    Wandering paranormal nut Allan happens upon the town just when their need is most dire, and he decides to "help," in that others do most of the work. Even though we must watch a reconstructed version of the film nowadays, you'll want to add this one to your brain's closet of spooky. Our heroes are isolated and losing hope.