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And ask yourself what a best friend or caring coach would say. Some discomfort may be normal, but remember that the goal of running training is to feel good. Running training is all about improving running economy, reducing the amount of energy you use for a given output. Developing economy relies heavily on efficient speed or power.

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So training through high stress is unlikely to have big benefits long-term. One way the body communicates stress levels is through discomfort. There is a certain endurance-athlete culture that elevates grinding yourself into a fine pulp, but that is not when athletes adapt. Adaptation comes from gentle prods, not torturous pokes. Immediately stop running if you have any pain walking or discomfort gets worse while running. Everyone else has injury scares. If you stopped running for every scare, you might never run at all.

The first step is the walking test. Minor muscle soreness is normal, but that should also improve as you move around. The second step is the loosening-up test. If it hurts more as you run, stop and do the walk-of-pride back to where you started.

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Just over a week before the Chuckanut 50k, Keely Henninger took 5 days off to deal with a pesky injury. She went on to nearly set the course record in winning the race. She lost all of her fitness and had a bad race. Just kidding, she won in the second-fastest time ever. The point is that short breaks can fuel big breakthroughs. Legendary coach Jack Daniels says there is no fitness loss with 5 days off, and studies back it up. Plus, 3 days off is a good amount of time to reset and refocus, letting the body heal fully from muscle damage so you can determine whether a possible injury is something to worry about longer-term.

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When in doubt, start with a 3-day shutdown. Based on what we have seen in coaching, a week later, you may have some of your best performances ever. Do therapy for whatever is ailing you, preferably guided by a PT. However, most injuries respond best to rest at first. We have actually seen athletes get stress fractures from doing the single-leg hop test way too many times, or severe bruising from massaging a sore shin.

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Then do evidence-based PT to help move along the recovery process. The body heals and adapts in empty spaces. Stress without subsequent rest causes breakdown, and breakdown without recovery is self-destruction. So let your body chill. Start with a day or two fully off for an injury scare before starting cross training and PT.

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That down time will reduce inflammation and avoid increasing harm. Instead of thinking about building fitness with cross-training, try to have fun with benefits. As coaches, we are big fans of cross-training. We ask that every athlete have a cross-training option they enjoy that they can use even when healthy.

It makes the process of taking some time off at the first sign of trouble so much easier. However, make sure you actually enjoy the activity, or time off with cross-training can become full of self-loathing and depression, which is way worse than any running injury.

Start with activities that are the most specific to running, like elliptical, stairmaster, biking, and pool running. If that is not possible with your injury, try swimming, rowing, or arm biking.


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You are an elite athlete. Using the thesaurus.

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